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Pastel is nearly pure pigment held together with just enough binder to form a stick. It is NOT chalk. As it is a dry medium, pastel paintings must be framed under glass with spacers or matting to prevent smudging. When properly framed and with reasonable care, a pastel is every bit as long-lived as an oil painting.

A variety of pastel brands are used including: Rembrandt, Sennelier, Schmincke, Unison, Artworks and some "home-mades." The painting surface is a 100% rag, acid-free, 4-ply board prepared with a granular mixture of gesso and pumice. This granular "tooth" holds the pastel well. SPRAY FIXATIVE IS NEVER USED on the final painting as it alters the inherent glow of pastel.



  • Pastel Portrait Samples


Pastel portraits vary in price with the size and complexity of the piece, also child or adult subject.

Pastel portraits begin at $425. Additional subjects, complex background, oversized work and travel expenses are extra when applicable. All work is unframed.

Please contact Ann for detailed information.